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  1. Keen to see some results on e85 with these. I have a set of 750's on my rb25 running 98. Odd cough when idling and low throttle driving wasn't as good as factory. Planning on going e85 and at crossroads as to whether try again with these are go for id1000's.
  2. Had this problem with my old ca 180. The main 75A fuse was blown. Would start and run but no electrics till about 2500-3000rpm
  3. R33 Drift Rig

    Unfortunately it still occasionally gets some street time and was ruining tyres with too much camber. Had to get sensible haha
  4. R33 Drift Rig

    Thanks mate, works great indeed. Quite similiar to yours yes. Im not sure how much as i pulled alot of camber out with my upper arms before an alignment. It looked rediculous. Running 2.5deg now and pretty much out of adjustment.
  5. R33 Drift Rig

    Been doing a bit of suspension work over the past few weeks. Decided to cross steering knuckles off the modification list. Was tossing up on JDI knuckles or waiting for gktech to release their R chassis. Did a bit of research and decided JDI was the way to go. Jakes products are used by many and the quality and results speak for themselves. Really happy with the amount of lock know. I extended the LCA's by 25mm for some clearance, the fronts are running 15mm spacers as well. To accomodate the changed knuckle pickup and extended LCA's got some extended inner tie rods to suit. Opted for 50mm longer, which is simply a bit too much. 30mm would have been alot better as I had to cut the passenger rod down a few mm as it bottomed out on the tie rod end. Did a wetpan night yesterday just for a bit of seat time and put the knuckles through their paces. Went great. The car to slide feels great, the most balanced it's been yet.
  6. Joeys R33 4 door

    Hey Mate Are you still running the jedi knuckles? If so what did you do for tie rods? And any problems with steering bind? Loving the build by the way. 33 skids are the best
  7. R33 Drift Rig

    In comparison yes it kind of is. I'm not 100% sure on why but hypergear turbos don't make good power till the boost is wound up on them. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing. Would have gone a different route if i did it again.
  8. rb25 powered s13

    I've got a z32 nisstune running my rb25 and it runs + drives flawlessly. Alot of tuners i spoke to though didn't want to touch it. +1 link, great ecu
  9. R33 Drift Rig

    Finally got too a big track day at eastern creek/sydney motorsport park. Been meaning to do one for a while as wetpan and fig 8 were getting a little old. Was a great day and went off with minimal problems. I was a bit concerned if the 33 would last the day but too my joy it was a smashing success. My only casualties for the day were broke my jack and split a intercooler joiner. Car felt great to drive hard, plenty of power and a set of rack spacers helped out a bit with some steering lock. Also got an alignment setup I finally like which has eliminated the understeer problems i had for a while. Here is a vid from the day. My entries were terrible/non-existent. I was more concerned with linking the track for the most part. Later in the day I started trying to get my entries down, Need alot more speed going in. Looking into car trailers now and going full time track car. I don't drive it on the street besides to get tyres fitted and wheel alignments so may as well de-rego and save some coin. That way i can go to wakefield and raleigh events and not have to worry about not being able to drive it home. Next mods on the list are knuckles and boxed or adjustable front lca's
  10. Hillclimb spec S13 from Switzerland

    Insane car and quality driving. Great work
  11. R33 Drift Rig

    I havn't updated this in a while so... Out driving on a wet and rainy night, was driving home pretty late. Was going a bit to quick went to turn and understeered. I froze up and just locked the brakes, and proceeded to slide up a gutter and into a pole. Munted the bonnet, reo was destroyed, intercooler and ac were punctured. LCA and tie rod on passenger side were completely bent out of shape. Whatever is missing from this photo is what got broken. The bent lca/tie rod vs a straight pair. Also sussed out a few other things, found broken sway bar links, the exhaust took a hit and snapped some manifold studs. At this point I was torn. Do I fix it and rebuild or part out whats left and break even. I left it for a week and had a think. It was depressing having the car sitting broken out the front, and after pricing up what needed to be replaced it would cost to fix I decided to keep the car, and also go a step further. While the car was off the road and the turbo and manifold needing to come off I bit the bullet and started to upgrade. Welding on some strut to attach the new front mount on to. The standard clutch wasn't going to take much more beating out there. Installed a heavy duty button clutch and braided clutch line. The garage was full of crap, and not knowing how long it would take. Tackled the clutch change on the street like this. Barely enough room to slide the geatbox out but wasn't as bad as initially thought. Couldnt get lights down on the street so moved it up the driveway to change the manifold studs. And while the turbo was off I decided to go bigger! The Turbo on the left was my first purchase. I didn't have much cashflow and wanted somthing that was used and would bolt on. After recieving it and inspection I wasn't quite happy with the unit. Seller had lied about a few things and was going to be a headache. This lead to my second purchase. The turbo on the right. Was sick of getting stuffed around with used parts so am going 100% new from now on. Did some research on skyline turbo's and the hypergear products based in melbourne seemed to be a reasonable option and a descent price. I opted for the ATR43SS2 model. I wanted an easy 250kw on 20psi or less and this one fit the bill. Went for the bolt on option, was a mistake because even with the skyline dump pattern rear housing it needed alot of cutting, welding on the front pipe to fit. And they failed to mention I would require a manifold spacer and longer turbo to manifold studs. Wasn't happy about that but the result was worth it. Car made 253KW on 18psi. Was stoked with the result. Got it tuned by JEM at ingleburn and couldn't be happier with their service. Drives completely different now and is alot more fun. Mod List as the car sits Today: Forged rb25det z32 nisstune ecu 253kw @ 18psi JECS 750cc injectors 52mm ally rad front mount yellow jacket coilpacks hd button clutch 3in turbo back front camber arms whiteline f&r sways Bilstein adjustable shocks whitline springs Plans: steering knuckles rear camber arms half cage harnesses paint wheels
  12. Red Racing's r32 drift piggy

    Looking good mate
  13. Thoughts advice

    In cars with aftermarket computers, the check engine light is programmed to blink when the engine is knocking.
  14. R33 Drift Rig

    Small update for now. Did another skid event, spent all night on figure 8. He's a short vid so you can kinda get the idea. Need to work on my driving more than anything. Don't get as my seat time as I'd like but make do with what I get. Also got a start on the body work. Cut out the rust on the rear quarter, welded in a new plate. Bit of filler to smooth out the surface and hit it with some rattle can primer. Will do for now until I decide on widebody or just a respray. Not the greatest job but will do to stop it rusting up again.