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  1. The Nostalgia Thread.

    Choose your own adventure ones were awesome, with the shiny covers. Yes! Then getting all inspired but having not nearly a=enough art supplies to create anything. Also, Sooty. I don't even remember that horse thing on the right, but it looks hilarious. Dude, charlie horse... he was my favourite Crash test dummies James Bond Jnr Widget the World Watcher Denver the last dinosaur Voltron
  2. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    This looks interesting
  3. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    And this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8lMmRe6Z44&feature=youtu.be
  4. Good to see a fellow Redditor on here! I can't believe there aren't more! *Warning - some content is NSFW, some is extreme i.e. gore but most is highly intellectual and generally enjoyable **Editing in a list of sites I traffic regularly** www.reddit.com - topping the list by a long way, so much content and ridiculously dynamic i.e. will change completely in a couple of hours... I think the general rule is that if you stay away from r/spacedicks you should be fine. Or if you're feeling adventurous just go for it. You have nothing to lose except your humanity.
  5. ummm http://www.reddit.com... The biggest time waste in the internet. I thought there might be a limit to the number of kittens and naked ladies I could see without getting bored. I was wrong.
  6. that's cool man. i've seen videos of these around the net and am quite impressed. where can i get one and how much would it be to have that kind of setup?
  7. i'm down for a team up. IGN: [NS]HunterZ Steam ID: apoksy
  8. DOTA 2

    well they have to make money somehow. the game is free after all
  9. yea that's right. i had arma II then bought OA after to make CO, then i downloaded the mod
  10. thanks for the tips . So Zombies can't run in buildings, but they can climb ladders up a lighthouse
  11. The Elder Scrolls Online

    the only way it should be played! Finally console users will get a taste of their own medicine. Who wants to become a mmorpg playing nerd anyway U mad bro?
  12. Just gave this a go, seems good so far. I'm a bit clueless on what to do though. I walked into some town, then got raped by 17 zombies
  13. DOTA 2

    I've been playing a bit recently, apoksy is my account name
  14. crap on me... that looks awesome