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  1. Too much protein :(

    DriftKid: Nah its definately diet related...cutting down the diary and whey has helped. This lactose free milk sounds interesting. Does it still taste like milk? Or watered down junk?
  2. Too much protein :(

    Nah the blood was from wiping so much... The actual upping of shakes was done a week ago, but i've had the sloppy number two problem for a while... I think it started with my drinking 1L+ milk a day, in addition to yogurt and icecream at the start of the bulk... But yeah drinking more water and eating more solid foods is definately a step in the right direction.
  3. Too much protein :(

    hahah....cheers for the (genuine) answers guys... I've cut back big time on the shakes this weekend and feel better for it. Also drinking more h20. Boiling some eggs at the moment to bring to work tomorrow... I gotta say, its pretty hard trying to eat 4 boiled eggs as opposed to 2 scoops in water, but damn its much better than sh1tting blood.
  4. Too much protein :(

    Hmm im using Optimal Nutrition Whey...that is isolate right?
  5. Too much protein :(

    Hi all, In a bit of a dilemma here... I have recently upped my protein intake in recent times in an effort to accelerate my weight gain...(This change was made about a week ago) A usual day consists of: 7:00am - One scoop with water. 8:30am - Big bowl oats and fruit. 11:30am - Chicken with salad. 3:00pm - One can tuna and handful of nuts. 5:00pm - Workout. 6:30pm - PWO shake with one scoop, natty butter and oats for carbs. 8:00pm - Steak and potatoes. 11:00pm - Two scoops in water. Now between 8:30am and 11:30am (perhaps around 10ish) i am adding another shake with two scoops in water... Ok the issue is....i have been experiencing some extremely runny and sloppy number two's...Its gone to the point where i am on the throne for 25mins in the mornings and same for afternoons...And its not just normal slop, its like water. Its actually starting to affect my work...a few days ago i was on my way to visit a client and had to make a mad dash to a public toilet cos i could feel the explosion coming on...its not like normal turd where you can hold it. I had this issue a while ago, and i cut out milk from my diet. It helped a bit...but i have a feeling with this extra protein, the kidney is having trouble processing it? In my searching i did see a thread where 180_mph said to consume more water as it helps the kidney filter better. Would this be part of the solution? Also how much protein can the body handle in one sitting? I think i may have to cut the portions or space them out more... Cheers.
  6. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Meal 1: 400ml milk + one scoop whey. Meal 2: Oats + Banana. Meal 3: Rice noodles + Chicken + carrot. Meal 4: 2 Cans tuna + green salad + mixed nuts. Meal 5: 2 slices pizza + t bone steak. Meal 6: Nuts + 2 table spoon yogurt for flavour. Meal 7: 400ml milk + one scoop whey. Not very clean, but a whole lot better than my weekend meals.
  7. In one end out the Other

    I take my kids to a private screening of Deep Impact about 2-3 times a day...I did raise this question when i first started seriously eating...It's sometimes annoying when you're out for more than a few hours and the seams of your pants are wet from escaping faecal matter...
  8. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Today: Meal 1: 400ml + one scoop Whey. Meal 2: Serving of oats + apple. Meal 3: 5 boiled eggs + green salad. Meal 4: Boiled chicken slices + mixed veges. Meal 5: 2 fillets of Sirloin stir fried with button mushrooms. Meal 6: Handful of walnuts. Meal 7: 400ml + one scoop Whey.
  9. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Meal 1: One scoop whey in 400ml milk. Meal 2: Oats + milk + apple. Meal 3: Boiled chicken + mixed veges + 2 slices bread. Meal 4: Boiled chicken + mixed veges. Meal 5: 3/4 Nandos chicken skin removed. Meal 6: Handful of nuts. Meal 7: One scoop whey in 400ml milk. Is this diet ok? Looking at adding muscle whilst losing waist. Big emphasis on losing waist hahaha. (This is a waist i've gained post bulk btw...never had a gut before)
  10. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Today: Meal 1: One scoop in 400ml milk. Meal 2: Oats with milk + apple. Meal 3: 2x wholemeal turkey breast sandwiches. Meal 4: Chicken and Brocolli + 2 slices wholemeal. Meal 5: (PWO) One scoop in 400ml milk. Meal 6: 5x chicken drumsticks (fat removed) + salad + one slice wholemeal. Meal 7: Cashews + 3 tablespoons of yogurt. Meal 8: One scoop in 400ml milk. Freaking starving today....
  11. Sunglasses

    Ive got a pair of those first Arnettes....awesome sunnies...
  12. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Meal 1: Mass Shake with whey, oats, natty butter, and full cream milk. Meal 2: 4 eggs and 2 slices wholemeal. Workout. Meal 3: PWO Shake. Meal 4: Chicken and salad sandwich. (Usually eat more than one sandwich, but just one today) Meal 5: Chicken and vegetable stew with french bread sticks. Meal 6: About 7-8 boiled prawns and 1/4 boiled chicken. Meal 7: One scoop whey with milk. Just a quick question, is seafood ok once in a while (perhaps once every two weeks)? I heard it is pretty good as a source of protein...
  13. Rippletoe

    Thanks guys. Sounds like it is worth a try.
  14. Rippletoe

    Ahh ok thankyou for the reply... I was more thinking to switch just for a change....I have read that it is good practice to change every few weeks or so. My stats: 23/ M 75kg. Bench: 95kg Squat: 80kg (Only started doing legs when i started Skinny Guy.) Military Press: 50kg
  15. Rippletoe

    Rippletoe Has anyone tried this program? I've been doing the Skinny Guy program for about 5 months now and i'm looking for a change...Skinny Guy is excellent i just feel i need to mix it up a little bit. Also, i've read that this program is designed specifically for beginners...I don't consider myself a beginner (lifting for couple of years now). Question, are there any issues with doing a program primarily targeted for beginners?