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  1. s14 200sx ignition barrel with locks and key

    Still for sale? If so what's your best price?
  2. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 191000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used - 191,XXX km, . - SR20DE - P-Plate legal. - Very Clean for its age - Serviced every 5000km - Alpine IDAX305S - Warlock Security System The car is great condition, for its age. Clean interior and clean engine bay, you'll be surprised. Most of these cars, have I either been thrashed or drifted. This car has still not seen a track and nor will it in the near future. Has been garaged the whole time I have owned it. No rust anywhere and it is street legal. Only a weekender, as I have another daily car. A stock standard S13 import is hard to find, that hasn't had any major changes. Comes with a spare boot, that has a wing and a kicker sub which i took out when I was getting a RWC but never put back in. On 191,XXX km and still running like its on 100,000km. Never missed a beat. Old parts that usually wear out on old cars have also been replaced, like the overflow bottle etc.