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  1. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    being a less commonly used cam, its a bit harder to pinpoint exact cause. but yeah grade of oil. springs and grind of cam can all play a part. from what i very loosly remember. how hard the cam ramps down can play a part ? could be wrong, but someone had a theory on agressive cam lobe design once many years ago, and stiff springs to stop valve float, combined buggers teh VCT? good oil plays a big part. i got about 7000kms from my stock vct before it started playing up after i put in procams and type a springs. need bigger springs though, as getting valve float.
  2. Oli's ADM S15

    Thanks for the advice, yeah i have been told people are doing things like 2871 with a .68 rear housing ect I just assumed they didnt offer a GTX in that size but there you go. I intend to keep the VCT for that very reason so yeah when the head work goes in ill probably throw one in as preventative maintenance. yeah for sure.. i mean my VCT lasted just on 12 months with weekend driving with procams, and gtx2867. now its a fuck. after oil change its noisy again wtihin 2000kms. so new one goes on sooner or later. when i can be bothered to do it all again.
  3. Oli's ADM S15

    Do you really need to install Poncams for 220rwkw? I thought that would be attainable with the stock head. And curious to know how they increase the life of the VCT? u dont need poncams for 220kw. they just make the engine breath better. bigger turbo and fuel system will get you there... Johnny got somewhere near that on a stock turbo with E85 recently. stock head meaning no machining? yep. stock cams, yeah itll get there with a big enough turbo. pon cams wont increase life lol. they might take a bit longer to make it noisy over the procams is what i was talking about. but its all subjective. how well the engines been looked after etc.
  4. Oli's ADM S15

    sounds good mate ! for 220rwkw, poncams and a gtx2863 will do you plenty and fry tires getting there. the gtx 2867r is a bit better matched turbo than the x2871. or go the gtx2971 if your going for somehting a bit more ballsy 300kw e85. poncams will probably make your VCT last longer too. pop one of those on your list of parts to buy too its a time bomb untill its noisy. if you can there really isnt much need to ditch the vct. keep it for response.

    prety much. 30 is when things start to get cheaper. actually its a sliding scale after 25...

    i just renued mine, prety much every mod except rebuild / forged internals bottom end. for infrequent driver, 950 or so agreed value of 17k. im 32 though..
  7. car has been running like shit

    Don't think the rb20 method works as well on the sr Anyway i checked my cam timing as a last resort and that looked normal, no choice now but to rebuild itll take 22ish psi all day
  8. S13 sr20det problems!

    lol. why not listen to the experience of NS, most left these days been playing with Silvas for 10-15+ years now...... my moneys on split pipe, somewhere. in the charged air network. intercooler pipe half poped off ?. or somethign i have experienced, the hose clamp cut the silicone joiner, on the pressure side, and it caused all sorts of tuning headaches untill it poped and split the hose one day then car ran like utter shit. then easy find and fix. and knowing how these things play out, itll be on the underside of the hardest joiner to get too.
  9. WANT TO BUY nismo engine mountsvs15

    email jesse streeter shop perfectrun or greenline look at taarks.
  10. yeah agree. 1kish sounds about right. even 1500 i wouldnt be surprised about. i think its hardy spicer? many years since ive researched it, but there are some aussie companies out there,
  11. when i had HID's i had them wired into the stock loom... with connection plugs.... worked fine. check earthing. check for worn wires that are shoring out...
  12. Oli's ADM S15

    could always move it later date anyways yeah for the price, better off getting a nice NPC / Western clutch service custom made item. ive had my nismo for better part of 7ish or more years now, wish i just bought a nice custom dampened clutch. its not the difference between a NPC or Nismo that destroys 6 speeds. or 5 speeds for that fact. its how you drive them, and how much you abuse the gearbox. what im lead to believe kills the 6 speed is the on and off of power say drifting in 3rd the backlash thru the gearbox with the shaft which 4th gear sits on, where 4th smashes the circlip by the loading unloading of the gearbox... thats what im lead to believe causes the issues with them.
  13. Oli's ADM S15

    looking good mate. dont waste your money on a nismo coppermix. just get a custom made 10" NPC or soemthing. i have a coppermix... while keeping with the nismo theme is about hte only reason to get one, the NVH thru the box around 3500 rpm decel down to about 2800, doesnt sound too healthy. i avoide those revs if i can help it. stick with a sprung clutch disc, and a custom made one will be cheaper than the nismo item. hint with the door handle. it has a nice little area you can dremel out to install your tweeters in - factory position! works a treat.
  14. turbo really worth it

    this is true. however, neither is a Z32 maf or a metal intake pipe. because a gt2871 will suck the stock intake pipe shut. unless you can somehow make it stiffer. or cut the stock one to fit over a bigger intake pipe... depends what your going for and end the game. myself, 2867 ended up being a good fit. bit of makeshift intake pipe, and good to go. but no restrictions or intake sucking its self shut. if stealth what your after, perhaps a custom made turbo with some form of reinforced stock intake pipe will be required?

    i use shannons. fully insured, mods and all. most reasonable cost out there for all the mods. racq/suncorp wont do any mods over a 2.5" exhaust i think it is. i wouldnt touch racq. if u call shannons they should be ok. if not just call around. most people wont touch a highly modified car. anything more than a pod filter and exhaust for performance mods.
  16. used motul x8100 turbolite for many years, pulled the stock T28 off and it was mint. bugger all shaft play and in really good condition. Royal Purple HPS 10w40 these days.
  17. Running rich after installing EBC

    hah yeah i did. phone autocorrected are injectors fucked or fuel pressure regulators fudged? was thinking if you had a faulty FPR and sucking some vacuum off of that might of caused some issues. i remember when i had a fauly FPR or injectors no idea which one was faulty, i think it was the FPR actually. anyways, mine ran rich as fuck, and shit as hell. replaced the stock FPR and injectors with new ones, problem solved.
  18. Running rich after installing EBC

    Did u tee the average into your fuel pressure regulator? Avcr *** damn autocorrect.
  19. s15 6spd and brass button clutch?

    Well said Tom. I'll add what iv find online over the years.... Drifting and the constant hammering of the gearbox loading and unloading in say 3rd kills them. It's that pressure that hammers off the circlip on end of 4th. Iv never experienced any problems with it in the order of 250rwkw. And yeah I do agree, I love the ratios in it. A nice organic clutch will hold power all day and be nicer on the driveline
  20. Oli's ADM S15

    yeah everyone has a bad day once in a while haha fair enough, i suppose you mean a bit more firmer / snappier response through the drive line eh. hows the backlash going? makes it better or worse? im not sure how bad mine are but hte car has travelled 180000 kms now, should look at doing oneday i suppose. backlash is a bit of a bitch atm, but alas in the oneday basket. are you sure you need teh subframe pineapples or locks ?
  21. Oli's ADM S15

    thats a shame about fulcrum mate. unfortunately its a franchise i believe so going to get variances between stores, my local one in qld is great. how did you find the diff bushings ? i should really do mine one day. just CBF yet,
  22. car has been running like shit

    https://www.ngksparkplugs.com/about-ngk/faqs/spark-plug-faqs/how-do-i-read-a-spark-plug Good article on explaining plugs. white is not normal... combination of lean + oil perhaps? i would not think its a coolant related issue. as when it burns off, teh steam would clean the fk out of the chambers, and your plugs would look spankers. check your water levels. if they dropping then yes you have a coolant leak somewhere...
  23. Twitchy rear end?

    lol i still have stock subframe bushes on 180000 kms s15.... coilovers and polyurethane bushes all round will do wonders.
  24. Twitchy rear end?

    sounds about right. fix one problem, test, repeat. fucked shocks will never do you any favors . neither will rooted bushes. replace them if you not already. 180000kms on stock bushes, they should be prety flogged out by now.