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  1. So I was thinking Go-karting...

    cheers, good thinking. Proberly should've done that in the first place Hi im looking at selling my Kart is a 2007 model and i've used it around 4 times.... i just don't have time for it any more.. its a GP5 i bought it for 5k around 9months ago and will less it for just under that with stand and all. if your intrested in it give me a call on 0432 111 740 Mat
  2. HQ

    Yeah its getting ridiculously busy there lately, maybe its the uni holidays. Cant complain though, there isnt much they can do about it Yeah Uni plays a massive part...... Also like Dan said before.. find anther club that plays 5 diff types of genes.... HQ to some maybe shit but it still pull the people... Scott....$18 buck is just wrong and they still slug u hard on drinks.....but its adelaide... how many 'good' clubs are there? - my 2c Mat
  3. funny stuff with selling my car

    at the end of the day most of the guys that want these types of cars are under the age of 21-22 and don't have the cash.... sucks hey?
  4. Where do I stand?

    Ouch Dan, good luck man.... remember its your word against a copper..... (i've been in ur position before) - Mat
  5. Looking for that new car........

    the cops killed it for me.........
  6. Looking for that new car........

    i think the biggest problem is, there are to may car and not enuff money,.........**goes and buys a lotto ticket**
  7. Looking for that new car........

    mmm i guess, but fu*k no to the magna! if i had to get a pure tow car it would be a xr6 ute (steals Mike's flame suit)
  8. Looking for that new car........

    um dude last time i checked my kart weighs like a good 65kg trailer prob 300kg (at the most). mmm whats a wrx weight over a tone.... so im safe mate... r34 non turbo will be fine u can barely feel the weight....
  9. Looking for that new car........

    yep i know. So many cars out there man. Soarer would be good yeah i know man, At the end of the day i still wish i had the 180, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.. i think ill go for a 34.... non turbo, manual. leave it stock as a rock (cops have raped me in the past) cheers for your input guys!
  10. Looking for that new car........

    i need a car that can tow... now a tow car
  11. Looking for that new car........

    but your just another holden owner......
  12. Looking for that new car........

    ^^ yeah but u can get the best of both worlds right?
  13. Looking for that new car........

    yeah man i was looking at a soarer.... but try and find one under 70,000k's there just getting to old. your bro had a supra right?? they don't look half bad and with a 3L 6cyl it will tow easy! (ill just have to put a high tow ball on her lol) -----------------------------------> Another reason i don't want a turbo is the fact that i know i will start modding the car as soon as i get it......and go karting is my life now
  14. Looking for that new car........

    ^^ yeah no worries man lol
  15. Looking for that new car........

    This bloke... how u going? (yes i have been living under a rock that last year) ----------------------------------> ok, im looking for somthing non turbo (insurance) and somthing new no older then late 90's kart trailer is stuff all not sure on the weight. oh and its gotta be a Manual!