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  1. Hang on a second mate. The reason they are picking on him mainly is because there are no amep policies to talk about. I don't know how you can judge him already considering he had yet to face the media let alone parliament. The party had been organised in about 3 months prior to election time. I doubt they even considered winning a seat this past election. The focus now is to regroup, face the media with their policy and answer some tough questions, and they need to do it well. Soon enough, the media will forget about them until next election time. Surely 3 months is long enough to formulate some substantial policies (other than 'better roads' and general core beliefs such as 'We believe in the people of Australia').?
  2. Stupidly priced petrol

    http://www.raa.com.a...aspx?TerID=1139 The petrol station makes a 6c gross margin in this example. A 4.3% margin, then remove wage costs, transportation, insurance costs and hopefully there is some left over for a profit. You'd pay much higher mark-ups on your clothes, shoes, insurance and food.
  3. tax times fun times

    I'm with this guy ^^. Also, the perspective needs changing. There should be no "Thanks ATO" in any sense. The money that you're getting back is because they've taken too much from you to begin with. If anything, you should either be thanking yourself for earning the money to begin with, or thanking your accountant for getting it back for you. I don't know what mine is going on yet. I want some computer monitors and my standard turbo rebuilt into a 3076 + supporting mods. The monitors are a given because they're the cheapest out of the lot, but I think the rest will go on some stiffening stuff, new bushes in various places and maaaaaaaybe an fmic if I'm lucky. I got the nod on the turbo setup from the boss, but I don't think she realises how much it's going to cost. What exec got a $3bn bonus?
  4. Who's doing Tough Mudder 2013?

    I'm not epileptic. It happened during the mud mile, which was far enough from the ice bath. Felt 100% during the race until I had the seizure.
  5. Who's doing Tough Mudder 2013?

    The frustrating part is I was well prepared for it and the doctors can't work out why I had the seizure. The amount of people that came into the St Johns setup at Mudder with injuries was scary.
  6. Who's doing Tough Mudder 2013?

    I did it...well part of it. 3kms in I had a seizure out of the blue, fell into the water, suffered a concussion and almost drowned. Spent 16hrs in emergency since Saturday...
  7. INMATE talks like a true CMFEU flunky. 293,100 working days were lost during the year ending June 2012 due to industrial action. If you want to see why they want to import 457 workers, look in your own camp OP
  8. Who's doing Tough Mudder 2013?

  9. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    offset the cost by charging what is fair and decent for the minerals and timber taken out of our ground. problem solved. hell nationalize the mining sector. Yes, nationalising the mining sector is a great idea because the government has a great financial track record and a history of efficiency...
  10. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    "Bankster" is such a stupid word popularised by the media and Occupy Wallstreet losers to criminalise people that work in the financial industry. The shit thing about super isn't the people that run the funds, the shit thing is the stupid government sticking there nose into the trough and taxing it/changing the rules when they need to balance the books. umm... superfunds use the stock market to invest etc.... so yes the financial industry do control it. thus why when the "banksters" crashed the world markets and f**ked us they are directly to blame. government control is minimal at best. Superfunds invest in equites, fixed income products, private equity etc. I don't understand how fund managers are 'banksters'. The typical use of the work 'bankster' refers to investment bankers that apparently cause famines, teenage pregnancy, el nino and global warming (and everything bad in the world). Government control is NOT minimal in the superannuation industry, to say so is naive and indicates a complete lack of understanding about the industry. Explain to people that are close to retirement how the government cutting super contribution rates is 'minimal'. If you take issue with 'banksters' investing your money in equities, change the asset allocation.
  11. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    "Bankster" is such a stupid word popularised by the media and Occupy Wallstreet losers to criminalise people that work in the financial industry. The shit thing about super isn't the people that run the funds, the shit thing is the stupid government sticking there nose into the trough and taxing it/changing the rules when they need to balance the books.
  12. ToughMudder Australia

    When putting together a routine it could help to watch some videos on youtube of the race, work out what exercises will help you out the most (eg. chin ups for the Berlin Walls) and focus on those. I did the last one (Melbourne) and didn't follow a set training routine. I ran atleast 5kms 2-3 times a week and did alot of exercises with kettlebells and a weight vest. From experience the hardest part is the mental side, its tempting to stop running 15kms in when your muscles are cramping, you've been running for 13kms with rocks in your shoes and weighed down with mud.
  13. ToughMudder Australia

    Took us 2 and a half hours. The line ups completely defeat the purpose in my view but alot of people didn't seem to mind.
  14. ToughMudder Australia

    I did it with 3 mates on Saturday. Was good fun. We were the 3rd wave out and didn't have any issues with line-up at obstacles. Apparently the line ups were really bad later in the day.
  15. Stock market, Who invests?

    Legal Attorney you come across as a Warren Buffet fanboy. The methods of Warren, Benjamin Graham and Phil Fisher aren't the only ways to make money in financial markets.
  16. Am I going too hard?

    Close, its 12kms.
  17. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    Found on another forum...
  18. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    As a shareholder you receive the a proxy form and the matters (notice of AGM and explanatory memorandum) that are to be voted on a period of time before the AGM. There are several articles you vote on, usually remuneration, re-election of directors to the board or other matters (eg. buybacks). In regards to executive pay, the explanatory memorandum says where you can find the Remuneration report (usually in the annual report which is publicly available). Each executives salary isn't voted on separately, the whole report is voted on.
  19. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    50% ??? that a typo? i realise its only been a few hours, but share price up 7.2% Market doesn't open Sunday. On Friday they were down ~1.5% so I don't know what he is smoking...
  20. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    I have quoted these two posts from this page as I believe it generally covers most of the 'anti' occupy people who are being the most vocal. First off: Spongeboy with lines like "if it doesn't make cents" you should write scripts for CSI! Your points are VERY simple.... SIMPLE.. So you are completely advocating us all acting like animals? So we should legalize rape, murder, incest? As these are all traits found in animals.... The movement is definitely NOT advocating Marxist communism. It supports the current system of democracy, but is looking to advocate a much more 'social' capitalist scructure. Where there are corporations, but they don't operate OVER AND ABOVE the law. Ziptie: You seem to be the most common educated bystander. Interested in the movement,but take a negative view on it (because the majority of vocal wankers *some can be found in this thread*) and just want to ask the simple questions. Let me answer with a simple, current, and relevant example. Quantas: The company records a loss, Alan Joyce gets a ridiculous pay rise. They then try to lay off workers and outsource as much as possible. Its going on here... and its only going to get worse. Im glad the movement is getting huge exposure, Im glad that the police are doing what they are doing as what I want to see is a true awakening. One person by one. We all 'know' that the system is f**ked up. its just that not enough of us are being screwed at the moment to really give a f**k.. So ima still gonna sit back and watch the world burn for the time being... RE: Qantas: How do you explain that over 90% of shareholders voted in favour of the remuneration package? If everyone had such an issue with it they could vote it down. But it clearly wasn't.
  21. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    The greens...also known as the watermelon party...green on the outside...red on the inside
  22. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    Here here +1 It would be filled with "Omg they defected my car again brozz!!" More seriousness. "They" as in the big companies, governments, corporates, media etc? Or... "They" would be anyone the no-hopers can blame for being under-achievers.
  23. GM foods.

    the sad thing about that is, prices will probably never go down, the companies profits will just go up from cheaper production costs. why would they lower the price if people still buy it at the current prices? just look at petrol, when it was something like 150USD a barrel our price at the pump was about $1.40, but when a barrel went as low as 80-100USD again, our prices still stayed the same. sad but unfortunately thats just how it is You do realise that our fuel price is determined by the Tapis crude oil benchmark right, not the US Brent prices?
  24. London Riots

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. - Winston Churchill... oh and I had to work ~ 40hrs a week waiting tables while I did my degree... you had better get bloody HDs to justify our contribution... That is all it takes and I think the money is worth it.... I'd tend to agree with Kez here. Not sure how finding a job when studying is impossible? It's hard to find a job when you study full time. It only leaves weekends for work. Very limited work options. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough seeing the course is only 11 weeks and I'll be looking for fulltime work once I'm done. I worked around 25 hours a week while studying full time (I did two degrees). It can be hard but it certainly is do-able. Do night-fill, work in a servo, work at the pub on campus, wait tables as Kez said. Guess it comes down to your motivations in the end. Looks good to potential future employers also.