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  1. nope its still here 0409692244
  2. free to good home 0409692244
  3. no i aint backing anyone one up here , no i aint being a sook ... just cause he is a mod doesnt mean he can undercut paying customers ... I agree Shonky az
  4. coz he doesnt charge by the box mmmmm origional glaze

  6. i thought u liked KK man i suppose there evil now edit: - sublime` feat. teehee says: mm original glaze..
  7. speak to Vu he might do them for a 2 boxes of KK
  8. Bodykit / Body Shop - Respray.

    should have called it kk panels
  9. Bodykit / Body Shop - Respray.

    Vu @ Krispy Kremes... I mean DT Panels
  10. Eastern Creek DA / SD

    is robbie driving up with you? Priorityone Djs are organising us entry to some of there gigs thursday, friday, sat night if anyone is keen to come need to know numbers this week tho Also have copies of there latest mixtape
  11. Eastern Creek DA / SD

    yeah i figured but still moroccan sounds better Ummm party thursday night?
  12. Eastern Creek DA / SD

    hahaha put shinji up there! We got a crew of 12 going up! Plus 3 people flying up so the vics will have some support! who's driving up thursday? We are leaving around lunch time or so with the JDS crew
  13. Eastern Creek entry lists

    hey alex K made the list lol the big reveal of supermade S13 alex k -1 knocked out top 32 ftw... thats if his car runs
  14. Calder Drift Practice June 27 - MOVED

    $90 to enter + AASA deej
  15. Winton Pics

    awesome photos thai, are you coming down 4th july?