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  1. S15 spec r gt blown head

    sounds like that old crusty fuel in the tank has clogged the injector and left it stuck open maybe? 2 months with a leaky seal would have surely screwed the motor sooner. There is a valid point there! but Markinko hasn't pointed the finger at me I've been in constant communication with him in effort to aid him. Might not nessecarily be the old fuel but could be running the tank empty and sucking in some tiny fragment or particle as well, even though I retained the OEM Fuel Filter Sock on the Nippon Denso Fuel pump in the car. Marinko get a turbo don't waste your time and get a NA and if you get a 2nd hand motor who knows when something can happen to it. Just to clear up confusion I back tracked my posts on the exact date on when the OEM injectors went on my car and it was the Oct 6 2011, and as I require my car for work I drove it daily to and from glen waverley to docklands till the day Marinko took the keys off my hand.
  2. S15 spec r gt blown head

    mate as for my previous post have a read. As per your previous comment regarding the vtc was in very good condition / coil packs are fine or car would sound like a diesel engine / wrx, plus those 2 problems will not lead to a flooded cylinder!
  3. S15 spec r gt blown head

    Car he bought was mine, mechanically it ran perfectly and the new owner has driven it to and from geelong - melbourne a few times since. I drove the car daily everyday till he took the keys off my hand. I have also been driving the car for a good 4-5 weeks in standard form day to day, to and from work without any hiccups. Alot of people know the history of this car more so in melbs15 not NS. Most will know I'm extremely pedantic in taking care of it and go to great lengths to maintain it. I can also confirm Mop has pretty much worked on my car from day one of my ownership back in 2006 till recently. I don't think the buyer is blaming anyone, all he wants is a solution / help to get his new toy back on the road! To those that don't know the full history of the car please stop suggesting things as a guess or speculation. Dude already told ya it is very unlikely being an ECU issue... you really need a different mechanic that works on imports / s15s regularly over there in geelong to look at it. The injectors SHOULD work like new as it has only done approx 60k kms... as I had nismo injectors in it previously. I strongly suspect it is something to do with the fuel used when the tank was literally empty, pouring unknown "unleaded" that is obviously not recommended and also more than 2 weeks old bad batch of fuel happens and is very rare but when it sits around in a jerry can for a few weeks it can go off and lose even more octane. I do however believe with the symptoms it might be something to do with the injectors. Try to get some injector cleaner in the new fresh batch of fuel. Carby cleaner on the throttle body Contact cleaner on the IACV / AFM Stay away from champion poo plugs and get some NGK's I've religiously used BKR6E variants every 5k kms. I would also suspect maybe the O2 sensor might have an issue if there was a bad batch of fuel that flooded the chambers, but leave that a bit further down the track. You really need to start with the basics then start diving in deeper. Cranking issue? Maybe the starter motor is on its way out but if the engine is flooded cranking issues are fairly normal! The Optima Yellow top battery in the car gives it plenty of Cold Cranking Amps. Since the fuel has been drained and car re-started are the cylinders re-flooding? Is it only 2 of the 4? try moving the injectors around and see if the corresponding cylinders flood with the same injectors! I can also vouch for PhoneixGSR's work shop and know he will take care of your car. Abit more history on what's on the car for you Marinko in the current form, from when I sold it to ya: Nippon Denso Fuel Pump Trust (Greddy) Easy Cams 254in 10.5mm lift 264ex 10.5mm lift factory cam gears Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers Nismo Supper Copper Mix Clutch Nismo Reinforced Pivot Nismo Gearbox mount Nismo radiator cap Nismo Engine oil cap Nismo tinted side indicators Sydney Kid Eibach Bilsten Coilovers Noltec Camber tops Whiteline Sway Bars front & rear Whiteline Pineapple Kit Whiteline Castor kit Cusco brake cylinder stopper ADR Braided Brake lines Braided turbo lines Genuine CF Cluster Surround Genuine Chrome Cluster Surround Custom Carbon Fiber instrument cluster surround Blitz MD Meter Boost Gauge JDM S15 S-Wheel Kaixen 6000K HID's Mtec White LED Parkers Optima Yellow Top Battery D35 Pioneer HU DEH-8850mp JL Audio VR600CSI Component Splits ~ Front JL Audio TR600CXI Coaxial ~ Rear Cadence 4ch Amp Gold Stinger Battery Terminals + Cover
  4. S14 Sr throttle bodys

    tps looks like the bottom one but the whole shell/casing looks like the top one
  5. S14 Sr throttle bodys

    the one I got is a mixture of the 2 on this picture... (I got 1 butterfly) the top one is identical to mine other then the tps which looks like the one on the bottom picutre...
  6. S14 Sr throttle bodys

    anyone got any picutres of the na s14/15 throttle body vs the s13 one? I have one but not sure which one I got haha think the guy at the wreckers wasn't even too sure.
  7. rims 4 my s15

    they are so fkn gay
  8. looks very nice how much approximately will you charge for one? Any estimated power gains etc
  9. bought a ring

    gotta say thats one cheap proposal no special dinner or event just at home lol congrats guess the savings can go to the honey moon or something
  10. Legal Advice

    no turbos for P plates in vic now .
  11. s15 stereo surround

    take the gear boot surround off and you will see 2 screws undo those 2 screws and everything should pop off.
  12. Best Legal Exhaust for S15

    wow after all that you got one of the worst possible exhausts for an s15
  13. which Red color is this S15

    is your one the ADM i always thought it was a JDM . true if red cars are parked in garages they wont fade . my car is a '02 spec r gt as per my signature so unless if japs made 02 spec r gt's its adm
  14. which Red color is this S15

    if you take care of your car well enough and use wax with uv properties it helps alot from fading. my cars still in original paint condition since 2002 from when it was manufactured apart from my front bar,rear wing and pods.
  15. which Red color is this S15

    color of red can be very different with different camera settings background color, sun and shade that plus factor in typical fading red and yellow fade the fastest if under the sun alot. its the same trust me heres another comparison bit shadowy day