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  1. Advice

    1 calorie=4.128kj oh okay so say like someting has 2000kj then therefore you would divide it by 4.128 to get the amount of calories....... dude thanks heaps man i started my diet yesterday and i was full on getting confused... but know i can see the light.... cheers bro
  2. Advice

    quick question.... when it say something has 2500kj per 100g.. e.g a choclate bar is 200grams so therefore im having 500 kj right.... how on earth do you keep it under 2500kj per day that including 5 meals... honestly cant get around it aye
  3. Body transformation

    hey ive been trying to look up info on this anabolic diet can someone point me in hte right direction plz cheers
  4. hey all. i train a fair bit and im down to about 14 percent body fat which i am really happy with considering i was about 22 not very long ago.. i trained really hard and had a strict low carb diet. i was talking to a guy about loosing more body fat as im finding it harder know.... he said to use stanazol. he said it will rip you up like nothin else... is this true. any info would be great. especially on cutting
  5. wats supplements do you use ?

    i guess no one is interested in replying
  6. hey guys just thought id throw a question out there on wat supplements. vitmanins..e t .c that you guys use and where you get it from...maybe even your gym goals etc mine as follows just povo pvl protien. NO-EXPLODE fish oil milk thislte multi my gym worouk mainly consits of 2 x12 of every muscle group on seperate days then at the end or workout i do burn sets. when i do my 2 set first one is 60%capacity then next one is 100%capacity though if i dont do the 12 at 100 % then i drop a weight for next week.. so how does that look any advice ... my goals are too loose body fat and maintain muscle. not concerned with size im 178cm tall 90kgs 17%body fat (CHUBSTER) thaks boys so far far i have lost 15kg and that is only by eating correctly know im finding it hard to loose more
  7. speeding up metabolism question

    thanks....... i go to gym 3 days a weeks for strentgh training(work heaps) and everyday i skip in the mornin and do my cardio... i try and not eat any carbs. but i do have my carb hit in th mornin.
  8. hey guys im a very active person who runs and is consistantly on my feet. but i cant seem to lose anymore body fat. im 14%. wat would be the best way to speed up my metabolism so my body burns food quicker.. cause at the moemtn i can eat all day annd not have to go to dunny till next day.lol any help would be awesome
  9. Fuel Guage not working

    i got same problem... bloody gauges

    its goona be so hot when done cant wait to see it.......!!!!!!!!!!!

    264 step 2/262 step 2 thats wat i got........really good
  12. Will this be a good way to lose fat?

    dont go to hectic on the shakes man
  13. what is the purpose of a dyno

    i dyno always every 6 months cause i like to know that my baby is running like a dream... also to tweek things here and there
  14. arnie is so ripped the bastard
  15. differenc between men n weman

    thats cool