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  1. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    You got it. And if you rebuild it then make it a stroker. Stroker cost too much and they don't last long.
  2. Your wheels...

    Love the teddy.
  3. Gearknob stuck on

    Sit on what?? lol
  4. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    Oh sorry mate... a mate told me you lived is SA. Saw the pics.... awesome ride! U definitely did a lot of work on the car. Love the 1JZ S14.
  5. Conditional Registration

    Are you saying just outrun the cops then? What about your black 180?? I think you can outrun them.
  6. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    engine and 5 speed: $4500 clutch: $800 engine mounts: $200 tailshaft mod: $200 computer/wiring/tune (autronic SM4): $3500 intercooler and piping: $350 koyo 52mm radiator: $600 thermo fans: $100 boost controller: $250 FPR: $200 exhaust/transmount/fuel lines/clutch line/all the fiddly shit i did myself. i did 90% of the work myself so no labour costs, and not including the bigger turbo, gate, manifold mods, injectors etc total(ish) $10,700 for the essentials at a rough guess Mann...not a bad price to pay for that sort of mods. Even better you did all the work yourself! You must be the only 1 in SA driving that S14 with 1JZ.... Am jealous! Do u mind showing us some pics of ur car? Must be fast! KW??
  7. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    def not a cheaper option. 2j and a R154 box will cost you 5k if you are lucky. really lucky. then what about everything else? What about your 1J on the S14. How much did you end up spending on it.
  8. Gearknob stuck on

    Some wd40 and vice grips should work.
  9. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    You sound really experienced with cars. Got any pics of your engine bay?
  10. Rebuild Vs 2nd hand

    Far out, I'm even more confused now then I was before... HAHAA Great advise from everybody and glad to hear all your experiences. Thanks very much. By the sounds of things, I think I might just buy a 2JZ engine. I gotta spend a little more $ but at least it's gonna give me more power. Would you guys agree?? Does anybody know where I can buy a 2JZ engine - budget $5k?
  11. Got an SR20DET redtop engine. I spun the bearing. Not sure whether to rebuild or buy another engine. Any ideas on costs? What's easiest and cheapest to do?
  12. Cool. thanks for the tip. Yeh i'm guessing it will cost around $3k?
  13. Conditional Registration

    Outrun the cops with an 180:humpleg:
  14. Off the topic, anyone know how much to do the engine rebuilt for an SR?