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  1. "How To" Thread

    Sticky/stubborn Rear Rotor solution
  2. Rear rotors on 15

    Thanks for the quick reply Stuss15
  3. Rear rotors on 15

    As ull see in the vid smashes it with a decent amount of force with a sizeable hammer to no avail. The solution is great. Jealous i didnt think of it
  4. Rear rotors on 15

    Hahaha what came to mind was chubs on happy gilmore telling happy to just tap it in just tap it in. Nah tried these mother f@&" cnuts be like welded on. Thank f**k for youtube just found this
  5. Hey peeps going crazy here. Having difficulty removing rear rotors on s15. I have searched and searched only found everything else but what i need. nearly threw my phone at the wall after it informs you that 3 letter searchwords are not accepted grrrrrrr
  6. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Quite often when finding a park in shopping centres i hear even elderly people (70's+) say "oh thats a nice car" or maybe im delusional and hearing what id like them to be saying haha in reality, they are probably say saying noisy pos
  7. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    I would buy a S15 straight up for a daily if I could get one for $6400 To get them in Aus at that price one would be tempted to buy 10 n sell em
  8. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    The difference was a mere $22mth 3rd party theift fire to $47 full comp lol
  9. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Had a chat to nrma about considering full comp insuring with them. To my shock horror the girl on the other end had to repeat herself for it to register with me that the most my specR15 is covered for it $6400 i laughed and told her their must be a mistake. 25000k then 20000 then 16500 then 14200 now 6400 wtf! I asked her how the price had dropped 60% in a yr. is this right?
  10. Bomb insurance for s15

    Use to be with just car under 25 jap spec R 15 insured for 20k cost 1000 per yr excess was $3500 at fault claim n $4500 for theft Rang nrma for a laugh turns out they realised the numba of potential Customers they miss out on coz now they insure under 25s with turbo even import n my Insurance with them isthe same but my excess is600 wheather it gets stolen or not Why do they not advertise this!
  11. rear wheel help

    yeah bud on holidays now in a small town (home) lol, gotta drive a few 100k's bak to goldy get some one to look over measure up distances to see wtf is wrong, ha the tyre placed here couldnt find the spec to do a wheel allignment
  12. rear wheel help

    Man, if it were an S13 I could donate a complete set of arms to you... not helpful for an S15 though. Unless it's something subtle and small, it probably won't be 'cheap' to fix (at least what I would call cheap). Buuuuuut if you treat it as an opportunity to upgrade arms and replace 10 year old bushes, it's not like you've wasted your cash either. Upgrades are inevitable with S-chassis cars. mmm good point, other then stock parts what brands are the ones to go for
  13. rear wheel help

    cheers bud good content hope its a cheap fix fingers crossed goin to check paint now, thnx
  14. rear wheel help

    yeah had wheel allignment after the incident went gay soon after that so thought i had just fukd me hicas i was gunna replace it ne way with lock bar so i did got another wheel allignment its shit itself again haha hope this helps