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  1. Hi guys, this is just a question on what everyone eats. im 180cm and 87-89kg kg at 9-10% bf Because I just pulled out of a comp im not that strict with diet anymore and i havent set up a macro diet yet. But anyways, this is what I have everyday,( varies a little to time dependent on training times). 7:00am -- 10 weetbix and banana/ oats/ 10 eggwhites and 2 yokes/ 6-8 slices of whole grain toast 10:00am-- 100grams rice 425 can of tuna in o/oil and vegs 12:30pm- same as above 3:00pm-- same as above (third one goes down hard, its more like forcefeeding a baby 5:30pm-6:30 w/e my housemate cooks. Usually rice/doughy stuff. He's a thai fella so he's quite inventive lol 8:00pm-- 500grams yogurt 10:pm-- 200grams chicken breast/ 6 weetbix and protein in milk Before i Sleep- protein shake with milk/ if I buy casein protein then I have that but usually I dont buy it often. I train 2 times per day, 1 weight training and 1 martial arts. 5 weight training days a week. 2-3 crossfit and 3-4x mauy thai/boxing/mma Because im doing so much aerobic exercises it's fking so hard to gain weight. After training I take 40 grams protein, 80 grams carbs, l-glutomine, and creatine. Usually I eat a meal 30 min after I finish shake. Also, I wouldnt mind you guys giving a bit of recipes advice lol. I only eat tuna cans (without mercury content) because I dont have enough time to make food everyday. Sometimes when I can be f**ked I make Chicken mince + magi noodle or satay flavoured crap
  2. What do you guys eat?

    Aha that dude is a fk tard. Generally yes doesn't that you have 10 meals or 3 in a day, doesn't make a difference if the same caloric intake. However what he preaches is a massive carb intake, it makes you body hard to oxidize fat. Second, you never going to get the same macros eating kfc all day. Eat like 80% clean and rest shit. E.g I donno the calories but, 1 kfc meal is like 3 chicken rice veg meal. What would be more nutritious? Ofcourse the chicken rice veg. Tell him to eat 300g protein, 150 gram carbs in 1 day and see what he comes up with. And he's a fat, ugly *milkshake*. Btw correct me if I'm wrong guys. This is just my understanding of it
  3. What do you guys eat?

    wow that's heaps good. I hate you 800m runners haha. I remember I used to trying sprint the whole thing and then just die after 300m hahahah and every just over took me in districts. well they're quite the same lol.. both draw on same stores ATP-CP system. unless walking lol yeh but that's not the point anyways. I mean that im so fking tired after my training sessions ive slept in classes hahahaha and tbh yeh i am quite unfit atm. I haven't done any cardio for like 2 months. I'm trying to gain a bit of weight now so i crossed off cardio on list. I probably won't even make 10 on the beep test now haha
  4. What do you guys eat?

    sorry, I thought I posted back on my iphone but apparently not. I only went regionals in running for 100m but otherwise both cricket and swimming too. I never made it past regionals for running, just wasnt good enough. Well, I was injured and placed 4th or 5th from memory. This was when I was 15. But I made it to districts for most of the athletic events every year.. I wish I had the knowledge of training that I do now. I would have trained for the events lol and I would know what to do. I didn't take that sort of thing seriously back then. Bodybuilders/weightlifters doing cardio simply covers a hole in diet or preparation. Not necessarily lol.... bodybuilders do cardio to lose weight for comp... I can't speak for weightlifters because Ive never competed or prepared for comp. But I wouldn't compete deadlifting only 200kg Some occassions yes, cardio is simply done to cover a hole in diet or prep but you can combat this just through training harder at a higher intensity or just a little longer. I see people riding 20-30 min on their bikes after a weight training sesh. All honest, I can't. I don't have the energy after a training session to still ride for that long. I have to eat lol and then i'll prob sit in the cold tub for like 15 min to recover. Most of my workouts now are HIT crap so im dripping with sweat in just 45 min
  5. What do you guys eat?

    In the context of bodybuilding, then sure. You won't be geared up to actually do the training needed, so crossfit is a good compromise in line with your sport. Don't confuse the situation though. Competitive running involves some of the hardest and most mentally-demanding and training you can do. It's unrealistic to compare it to crossfit, cycling or bodybuilding. Of course lol..... This is a bodybuilding advice page... I don't doubt you that running involves hard training, I ran for regionals when I was younger. I know this. But I'm saying in terms of losing weight, and competitive body building, I would not suggest to do cycling, or running for cardio. I would go for HIT training, or cross-fit. Plus, bodybuilders don't run lol, they walk. Very little run, because running (I am saying running in terms of jogging) draws more of your glycogen stores rather then anything else. In contrast, walking (paticularly on incline will train calves too) burns more fat. Further, if you want to lose weight, weight training loses more weight than any sort of cardio. Weight training increases your metabolic rate up to 20% for the next day and continues for the following days because of your DOMS. Were as cardio does not. So in terms of losing weight, I wouldn't even suggest to run; I would suggest to do weight training
  6. What do you guys eat?

    Lol last yr when I was dieting down for BB comp, I was just like a little bitch. 8-9 weeks/15weeks in I gave up lol. I just had to eat. I was complaining all fking day, everyday. My now, ex-missus and I broke up. I was like a dude pmsing. Never felt like that before haha.
  7. What do you guys eat?

    I don't eat seafood apart from tuna so I can't tell you. Work out your macros. Obviously white meat is a lot less fat compared to red. E.g turkey, chicken, fish etc. Doesn't matter what you eat. Just matters that you eat under your caloric matenience lvl. I'd suggest working on 50-25-25 or 50-30-20 macros. You up your protein for the reasons: to preserve muscle mainly. Through cutting stage you will always lose muscle. Never cut out your carbs. This is te biggest mistake most amateur BB make. They look so big off season but when they compete they look like a skinny fool.maintaining your carb intake is almost, if not just as important as when you're bulking. I think, don't quote me on this: double check it but Per grams of protein is 4 cal; carb 4; fats 9. I think.... Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Work our what you have to eat based on your 1800 caloric diet. I don't know you maintenance lvl but tbh you shouldn't eat under 500 cal below your maintenance lvl. You'll lose weight toO quick.
  8. Gym wankers

    When I wear knee wraps I can do I few more but I don't like to. otherwise I'll use my hands to guide my knees.(I don't use my hands to press for me, just as a support like knee wraps) Yeh I usually strip it off to like 3-4 plates each side. But I waste so much fking energy doing it lol
  9. Gym wankers

    I put all the weights back except when I'm on legpress. sometimes squats too. I have 2 leg days a week. 1 low volume and 1 high. When I'm performing low reps, I'll load it up to like 600kg and I can't be fked taking it all down. Soz guys I'm one these assholes hahaha Tbh I'm at the point now for most exercises, it takes more energy for me to load the machine up with weights than to perform the sets. Aww come on man, if I can strip a 45 degree press from 340kg to nothing, you could at least bust a 600kg set down to 300 or something. As a side note, how many reps/sets do you do at 600, and how much leg retraction do you shoot for (e.g. quads to chest)? Leg to chest about 4 reps. Full rom. Then I superset with smith machine with back flat on ground. And then I pretty much can't feel my legs lol
  10. Gym wankers

    I put all the weights back except when I'm on legpress. sometimes squats too. I have 2 leg days a week. 1 low volume and 1 high. When I'm performing low reps, I'll load it up to like 600kg and I can't be fked taking it all down. Soz guys I'm one these assholes hahaha Tbh I'm at the point now for most exercises, it takes more energy for me to load the machine up with weights than to perform the sets.
  11. New training log for 2012

    Yeh? My sumo is a lot less than conventional. Well not a lot but less. WTF your going to train on Friday too when your comps on sat???
  12. New training log for 2012

    I donno whather you want to take this on or not. But I was Gona compete in a strongman comp. I was given advice to limit range of motion to get maximum lift. By this you spread your legs out a little wider than usual. This will lower your height you need to DL too, which ultimately makes sense. Not so much to turn it into a sumo DL but wider thAn your conventional stance without changing your grip width. U recon belts help that much? I didn't think belts were that much better for DL. On squats I can see te difference though. And LOl that must be a really shit bar hahahaha anyways good luck man
  13. New training log for 2012

    Nvm when it is lol....
  14. New training log for 2012

    What's your pb ATM. It's 162.5 isn't it? Not to break your confidence and sound like a dick. But 170-190-200 is a big fking ask man considering when you do lean down you will lose a little strength 95% of the time. But good luck. When is it?
  15. The "make it yourself" program.

    Sorry I don't know the exercise:cock bag
  16. The "make it yourself" program.

    Soz dr cranium. I can't do Romanian deadlifts....... I really wanted to but I don't come from Romania
  17. The "make it yourself" program.

    For bench press do you just press and bench the bench? And full clean? Do you clean half of the dirty subject matter?
  18. The "make it yourself" program.

    Me too.... I mean what's a power clean.... Is Me too.... I mean what's a power clean.... Is It turbo charged cleaning i.e great exercise for women in the kitchen
  19. The "make it yourself" program.

    I choose 100 reps of curls in the squat rack. Btw tbar rows is bent knee
  20. Truck's Training Log

    My 50c Aim for 1-1.5lb of weight for cutting. 1kg a week you'll lose a fair bit if muscle.
  21. How many eggs do you eat?

    http://m.jn.nutrition.org/content/128/10/1716.full Good read. I was reading this the other week
  22. Muscle Milk - Thoughts / Reviews?

    Well there are actually 2 sources for aus products. Tasmania and nz
  23. Told to eat less protein

    5L?!!? That's heaps!! If he drinks that much it'll put more strain on his kidneys hahaha. Average recommended intake of water is 1.8-2L/day. Just make sure you're drinking 1.8-2L a day. You can't completely remove protein from your diet, as your body still needs it. Maybe the best thing to do is to speak to a dietician, asking here will give you some mixed answers and cause you to become confused... And ask for further clarification from your GP if he's being vague like that. U serious? Ur liver and kidney's function capacity runs on water consumption. The 2 L recommended water is all crap. It doesn't account for exercise etc. Water is also what creates fluid in your joints particularly for back pain relating to spine. Water deficiency also accounts for str loss. A 2% water dehydration is equivalent to a 10-20% str loss. I drink 5-6 liters of water a day. And if you take d bolt. You need to drink like 10-12 liters of water a day. Don't say water will do damage to your kidney lol..... Your body is made up of 70% water so I don't know what your talking about. The only thing you will need to worry about is consuming to mich water at once thinning out your blood: if so just take electrolytes or salt
  24. Muscle Milk - Thoughts / Reviews?

    This is what I use and prostar for bulking. I'll try getting sponsored next year for comps with them. For stripping up I use maxxs hydroxy shred Btw muscle milk claims to be the best on market. But IMO it's shit I'd stick with gentec, ultimate nutrition, or maxx's. There the ones I go for
  25. Told to eat less protein

    hmm that's weird. Not sure whether you should be asking the question here tbh. I would follow what your doctor has to say. But yet get a nutritionist, probably give you a better understanding. But in general, there are a lot of research which says humans are able to absorb over 350-400grams of protein a day. But yes, too much protein may cause Kidney stones over time. That's why it's suggested to drink so much water, as water flushes the toxins out. I'd probably up your water. Say 5 L a day for the next two weeks, and see what happens. And yeh eating out is a big problem like hefner suggested.