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tried to get a different effect on the paint rather than jsut a normal colour change...

took time to learn cf, got it spot on me thinks... ive look at about 17 pics of cf. and cf isnt black its got a tinge of bronze...


also no extreme bodykits

just tried to go for a nice clean chop, i was thinking of putting stickers and shit entering this in to the drift comp chop... but i cant now i guess




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Okay i'm gonna go all out cos ur a mate and i know u can take it....


First of all i like the overall product.. :D

Second i dunno about the colour scheme with the cf, the cf looks awesome, the colour looks awesome but together we can market them... err.. i mean together they don't suit i reckon also not a fan of the radioactive look like how the whole car has a yellow glow around it..

You can see the brushing on the front spoiler and sideskirt!

Yes for sure the rims are mixed up need to swap the dish..



Yep, thats about it so far... just fix those things or some of those things and awesome chop dood.. i know i aint an expert but is any critic really an expert?..lol


I expect the same responses form you in my future posts, noone is gonna learn if everyone loves each others work..lol


Hope i didn't go to far bro...

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