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Random Parts and Wheels.

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Howdy Fellas,


I Have a bunch of random parts sitting at home.... from my previous cars, as i no longer own a Nissan S-Chassis anymore =( One day i will be back.


I have the following:


white line front adjustable sway bar with links / d bush =$200

white line rear solid 22mm sway bar with d bush (No Links) =$150

Gktech radiator cooling panel to suit s15 = $20

DW300 Fuel pump (NEW in box) =$150

Gktech rocker arm stoppers (new) = $40

180sx Typex stock ECU J4 =$20

Gktech extended oil sump = $100

Gktech front castor support bar to suit S15 or S14. = $30

Stock s15 shocks very good condition came off car @ 60k klms' = $100


Work XD9 - 18 x 9 + 30 and 18 x 10 + 18, Both in Metal Gun Silver pretty much new maybe 1 mark on them. = $1800 Nego

(Tyres are 225/35/18 -> tyres have camber wear, tread is roughly 75% and 255/35/18 -> 80% tread)

I ran the 18 x 9 + 30 with 15mm Gktech Hub Centric Spacers, can include if you are interested.


BBS LM Gold Centre - 17 x 9 + 20 or u can flip the centre peice to give you 17 x 9 + 5 = $2000 Nego

(Tyres are rooted)


Please pm me for pictures as i for some reason cant get pictures uploaded..

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